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Who We Are


India Women Tours is an organisation for women travellers by women.We provide female guides for female travellers in India.

We are empowering Indian females and creating a comfortable place and environment to work with equal opportunities.

We provide travel related assistance to female travellers from all over the world, who are willing to visit India.We accompany women only groups, families and couples. 

India is a mystique country. Its spiritual life would teach you so many untouched aspects of your own life.Meditation and yoga are daily life practices for Indians.The essence of India is in its spirituality.

To Know more about Indian culture, Indian lifestyle, Indian cuisines, Indian festivals, Indian women (Goddess) and our life in India with us.

India is so vast and having different geography at each corner, that's why we look different from North to South and East to West. We speak different languages, eat different food, wear different colors and clothes, celebrate different festivals, believe in different faiths but we all are one nation.To understand this unity in diversity you should definitely visit India.


Rajini (Rejina) a female tourist guide authorised from The Ministry of Tourism since 2010. My passion of exchanging thoughts, knowledge, perceptions and ideas brought me into tourism. Travelling gives me a sense of acceptance of other diversities of this world. I decided to take guiding as my profession because of its  most joyful aspect of learning different cultures while working with people from all over the world. I want to leave a mark as a female guide for more females to join this beautiful job which gives us a chance to present our identity the way we are. I speak Italian, English and my native language Hindi to conduct my tours in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Eagerly waiting to take my guests around to show my country the best way possible with my full potential. I will try my best to make your vacations a memorable experience and a pleasant stay in India.Thanks!

About Us: About Us
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