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Spiritual Tours of India

The crowd at the temples, sound of religious prayers, bells, meditation, yoga, flowers, fragrances, sweets, colours, and faith in different philosophies make our country unique and incredible.
To perceive the real side of India it is suggested to explore the religious aspect of India through its temples  of different realms with a knowledgeable personal lady guide. You can explore these below mentioned temples according to your interest and availability of time. Cameras are not allowed inside some temples, guests will be informed well in advance about all Do's and Don'ts.


Lotus temple is a lotus shape temple of Baha'i faith. One of the most visited monument of India welcomes everyone to pray and meditate silently to unite with the Almighty. No photography inside the main hall.

Timings - 9 am to 5pm

Mondays closed

ISKCON TEMPLE :" Hare Ram Hare Ram,

                                Ram Ram  Hare Hare, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna , Hare Hare"

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness  (ISKCON). The temple is devoted to the worship of Lord Krishna and Radharani.


BANGLA  SAHIB GURUDWARA a beautiful Sikh temple is a must visit . Welcomes everyone without any discrimination. To feel the beauty of this religion it is suggested to visit the kitchen of this temple during lunch time.


Birla Temple is a Hindu Temple, built in Orissan style by one of the affluent Birla family of India. This temple was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi in 1938.


One of the most visited Hindu Temple of Delhi and the  Second largest Hindu temple of India with the total area of more than 100 acers. Beautifully carved to showcase the Indian Culture, Spirituality and Indian art with modern amenities. Built in 2005 by BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha. No photography inside the temple complex.

Timings - 9 am to 6 pm.

Mondays closed

*You can merge any two options to extend your half-day tour into a full-day tour. Charges will vary accordingly.

Meditation and Yoga tours:

We organise these tours according to the requirements of our guests. Please contact for more information.


*US $ 40 pp for groups

*US $ 120 for private tour

*Minimum 2 person for private tour

Tour inclusions :

* Guide fee.

* Mineral water bottle.

* Transportation includes pickup and drop (we provide transportation for our guests if they ask. We provide A/C cars with personal trained driver. Charges will vary according to the time and distance covered by the car.)



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