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Anjali Mudra or Namaste

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Anjali Mudra is the gesture one does at the time of salutation and this gesture is very important in Indian culture which is used at many important occasions in daily life. Let's understand all these occasions, Anjali Mudra and its importance.

Anjali Mudra is the gesture when one joins both the palms together with the fingers pointed upward in front of heart chakra. Our hands have the energy points of our vital body organs. When one does the Anjali Mudra all the energy points get activated and our body is ready to do the action with its full conscious. That is why we do Anjali Mudra in Yoga and Meditation So, a conscious person can does it with more concentration.

Anjali Mudra is used as welcome greeting, salutations, for prayers, to express gratitude, to say sorry, to say thankyou, please, to ask for a favor and to do a request also. Anjali Mudra is a silent greeting and gesture which does magic without uttering a single word.

Anjali Mudra is in practice in Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and many more countries as a salutation and a spiritual gesture.

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