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India officially the Republic of India is known as Bharat in Hindi and Hindustan in old Persian/ Urdu. All three names are somehow related to its geographical location near Indus River. BHARAT 'Bharat' is one of the oldest name of this territory according to our ancient religious texts, which is derived from the original name 'Bharata Ganarajya'. Another theory suggests that Bharat is derived from the name of 'Bharata clan' an ancient tribe. Some other names for India are al


Women clad in colorful dresses, Sarees, suits, bangles, Bindis, golden and silver ornaments with traditional makeup is the image Bollywood has created for the Indian women. Geographical diversity of India makes Indian women look different from North to South and from East to West. They speak different languages, cook different cuisines and wear different types of clothes according to their cultures and traditions. But in this modern era of technology and globalization Indian


1. A must have Bucket list This list is very important for a traveler travelling in India because one should pack these things in his/ her bag at the time of packing the luggage prior to their tour. * Portable first-aid kit, medicines, dental floss, mosquito repellent, masks, sanitizers and charging adaptors for mobile phones, cameras and rechargeable batteries. 2. Dressing India is very diverse with amazing places and beautiful people. India has innumerable things to offer t


Indian cuisine is famous all over the world because of its spices and diversity. To understand some of our famous cuisines, spices and their benefits we organize Culinary Tours and Food walks. We are offering two types of Tours. (1) Food walks (4-5hrs) To enjoy the famous local food of different cities we organize food walks in Delhi, Agra and Jaipur So, clients can choose any city according to their availability of time and favorite city. These food walks normally start by


Indian villages are veins of India. More than 60 percent of the total population still lives in rural areas. India is such a big country with lots of geographical diversity that's why rural lifestyle is very different at every corner of India. To understand real India travelers should definitely visit nearby villages. In rural areas people follow more authentic lifestyle according to their cultures and availability of resources. We organize village walks, tea with snacks, mea

Anjali Mudra or Namaste

Anjali Mudra is the gesture one does at the time of salutation and this gesture is very important in Indian culture which is used at many important occasions in daily life. Let's understand all these occasions, Anjali Mudra and its importance. Anjali Mudra is the gesture when one joins both the palms together with the fingers pointed upward in front of heart chakra. Our hands have the energy points of our vital body organs. When one does the Anjali Mudra all the energy points

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