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Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Women clad in colorful dresses, Sarees, suits, bangles, Bindis, golden and silver ornaments with traditional makeup is the image Bollywood has created for the Indian women.

Geographical diversity of India makes Indian women look different from North to South and from East to West. They speak different languages, cook different cuisines and wear different types of clothes according to their cultures and traditions. But in this modern era of technology and globalization Indian women have started empowering themselves mostly in big cities and follow a very modern lifestyle but still the working women are approximately 25 % of the total women power in 2020. Even though the rest 75% is also working as homemaker but not counted as work force.

India is a patriarchal society like many other countries. If we go back in history of Vedic times. Women were treated equally or in some cultures higher than males. That is why in India, we had many statues of women in temples and houses. Then, invaders started coming in India. They destroyed maximum numbers of statues and temples. This action left the native population in shock and they started covering their females, and limited their boundaries to the house only to save them from the invaders. The Muslim rulers ruled for centuries over India and this helped their culture to flourish nicely in India.

Then British came in power and didn't interfere much in cultural activities. They were more busy in acquiring new territories.

In 1947 India got its independence. Since then women involvements and contributions are increasing day by day to built our nation.

In Urban areas women are independent because they are educated, aware and have more exposure to opportunities of work. They follow international trends and live a modern life. Instead in rural areas women are less independent because they are not properly educated, are not aware about their rights and don't have many opportunities to earn their livelihood which is why they follow a simple life style according to their cultures and availability of resources.

Let's educate and acknowledge the women. Empowering women will help to built a powerful nation because educating a girl means educating a generation.

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