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Updated: Jan 30, 2021

1. A must have Bucket list

This list is very important for a traveler travelling in India because one should pack these things in his/ her bag at the time of packing the luggage prior to their tour.

* Portable first-aid kit, medicines, dental floss, mosquito repellent, masks, sanitizers and charging adaptors for mobile phones, cameras and rechargeable batteries.

2. Dressing

India is very diverse with amazing places and beautiful people. India has innumerable things to offer to a traveler from luxury to necessity. In India one can easily see women wearing modern dresses and at the same time traditional dresses also in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore. It is totally their choice what they want to wear ? but still women avoid to wear transparent and short dresses while visiting religious places, old markets and in Old cities which are crowded and congested. It is suggested to bring two pairs of comfortable pants/ trousers with long sleeved shirts/ T-shirts/Tops, flip-flops/open footwear and one pair of comfortable shoes. Use these clothes while visiting religious places with open footwear because footwears aren't allowed inside most of the religious places. In big cities travelers can wear modern and comfortable clothes according to their place of stay.

3. Food & Water

Indian food is very diverse, aromatic and delicious. In India mostly we cook fresh meals and serve it hot. Fresh cooked food is safe to eat but avoid raw food, juices and salads from the streets. Always check the reviews of the local restaurants in advance. Don't go for spicy food directly, try mild spicy initially then carry-on according to your taste buds and digestive system. People with sensitive stomach should try small quantity initially as trial at least for couple of days.

Always drink the bottled water. It is suggested to carry your own bottle from your hotel/homestay before starting your tour. Purified water is also safe for drinking but don't drink tap water.

4. Money

Now a days plastic money/ digital payments are acceptable in most of the big hotels and restaurants but travelers need money to pay for their food in local restaurants, to drivers, to street vendors, to buy water and other daily expenses. Always exchange money with the registered money exchange point like Western Union. For any assistance ask to the hotel staff/guide or use ATMs to withdraw money.

5. Cultural shock

India is the second most populous country of this world which is why all big cities are like ocean of people. All public places are crowded so, forget about personal space while visiting India. In India travelers should have plenty of patience to be in crowd, to get stuck in traffic, to see chaos on the roads, and don't expect punctuality every time.

Don't show affection at public places. Smoking, drinking and doing drugs at the public places are not allowed. Be very careful from touts and scams. Always book your hotels and tickets in advance from the registered/official websites.

All touristic places of this world are beautiful and unique but travelers should stay little attentive, educated and aware about the destination they are going to visit to make it a beautiful memory.

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